Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's November already???

I can not believe it's Nov.1st already! I just today finished weeding , cleaning and trimming all the iris beds. Next will be the winter straw cover. I wait until the ground freezes and then get the straw on fast before it might have  a chance to thaw/refreeze. This is deadly to the iris as it rips the roots from the rhizome.
I've taken a few pictures of my cleanup progress..They look so small and nekkid!

The MESS before seen here.

I have three that are determined to fall bloom. I don't know if they will make it before it freezes too hard. They are incredibly late!

This one has EIGHT buds in the fans!! 

Zee always tries, but alas...too late in the year.

AND I had a couple visitors while I was out today! One flew by, the other slinked thru the trees.

And now it's past my bedtime and I have one that is bugging me to get to bed.

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