Monday, July 22, 2013

It's a BOY!
and a BOY!!

The first of my monarch butterflies for 2013 emerged today.

Sadly though, so far I've only found a total of 6 eggs. Usually by now I would have around 200. I have only seen monarchs flying around two times this summer. I hope there are many more somewhere else. I have tons of milkweed and butterfly bushes that they usually hang around. But this year, none :(

I have three more 'cats about ready to form their chrysalis. See the one hanging in J form? By tonight he will be bright green with sparkly gold flecks.  There is one more on a twig heading to the top of the hatchery to make his J. And the last is still eating. Hmmm wonder why he's also the biggest!!

 The first boy I took out to put on a bush to finish drying his wings and warm up. (our garage is air conditioned). He was very hyper on the way out, flapping his wings to show me he's ready!

 When we got outside, he suddenly grabbed onto my amethyst ring. I don't know what colors they see, but I think maybe he thought it was a flower.
 Up in the sun he fanned out his wings to warm up. Isn't he pretty!
 I put him on the bush, but he immediately flew off to a different kind of bush. Men! 
 The second boy did the same, but went over the top of the house! In years past the girls were usually the ones to get impatient. 
Last was the little girl, she is still warming on the bush. Being very patient to wait until she's ready. 
(Actually I think she was the last to hatch.)

I looked on my milkweed after that, hoping for some new eggs. Nope, not one. Maybe I'll take a walk down the road later and see if there are any on the ditch milkweed. The only problem with that is they sometimes spray the sides of the road. Then the 'cats die or are deformed butterflies. 

Tomorrow I start digging Iris orders. I will have all paid orders done this week. (not paid = not dug!)  I expect it will be hard digging, we only got a short shower last night. At least the temps have cooled down.

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Happy Blooms!

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