Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My last post was May 28th. Oh my!
This has been a year of every emotion.
 Sadness with the loss of my dad.
 Frustration and Exhaustion with all the estate work that went on for 3 months.
 Excitement and Anxiety in our "new" old home that we will be moving to shortly. (twice as old as this one)
 Bittersweet feelings leaving behind all the hard work we did to make this place ours. All those tiny trees we planted are finally getting big and creating the privacy we'd hoped for.  It's all just in the wrong location.
 Double Exhaustion, Confusion and Anticipation getting the studio painted, and thinking of all the work yet to come to update the house we're moving to. Structurally it's fine,and the layout is perfect for us, but it's very "80s" in decor. While we both love antiques and a more relaxed style, we prefer not to have blue flowered wallpaper, or seeing a lighter square where every picture the former owner had was on the wall!
 And I'm not sure what word to use for the emotion I get from the new yard.  It's the same acreage, but 2/3 of it is timber. And that's fine, lots less mowing. But the plant choices around the house and yard are very boring, over trimmed or overgrown, and I expect to be making changes to that next year. But no, no extensive gardens. I just can't do the work any longer. :(  I'm taking along some iris, just to enjoy them.
 That doesn't mean I won't post pics in the spring of the few I'm keeping.They are just too pretty not to share.
 I just can't do the bending over for hours work any longer.
 I've sold out my inventory to some great guys at Alford Family Farm in Texas.That's right, they drove all the way from Texas and dug them in only two days! wow. Check them out of Facebook.
So , once we get settled into our new home I'll start sharing my adventures in my new studio (36x24!) and sewing room (38x12!). Right now we are scrubbing and painting and packing and it's crazy nuts around here.  Yesterday we painted the studio floor a dark mustard yellow. Yowza! Sure makes your eyes pop! My intention was to make the room inspire me to create and energize me. I took the colors from a sunflower in my yard...I'll see if there are any more that the corn bugs haven't chewed up and post a pic. I'm planning to do some stenciling on the floor once I get the shelving and tables in. I sure hope it turns out like I hoped. I had the craziest time deciding on colors! It's been a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time since I've painted a room. And this had been a wood shop. It was FILTHY, we washed every inch of it before painting, including the ceiling. I thought my arm was going to fall off one night after 7 hours of scrubbing walls.
We have to wait about a month for the carpenter to come change the garage door to a glass sliding door. I can't wait. I don't like a room w/o windows.  And I have to talk to the heating /ac people about cooling the studio. It's too stuffy w/o the ac. for this old lady! Luckily it already has in floor heating.

Off to pack, and I really better do some laundry! My feet say no, but the calendar says GO!

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