Monday, March 28, 2011

Uggg the recovery...

 Well, I'm down and not getting much at all done since last friday. I had another ERCP with sphincterotomy and other words an "OW" procedure. Not fun, but not doing it is not an option.  One bright side to it, as of this morning I'd lost 7 lbs! I'm sure a lot of it is water weight, but it's still nice to see the scale going down instead of up! If you aren't familiar with an ERCP,  you're lucky. In short it feels like being punched in the stomach, and stabbed occasionally. So, eating just doesn't even sound good. But, I'm healing , until the next one end of April. *sigh

 I'm hoping to be able to stay up long enough today to work on the website. I have all the names listed now, so I'll start updating and adding pictures and descriptions.The iris section is still turned off on the site to save confusion. I'm aiming for a week, or two, to get those things done. (Not sure how fast I will be able to work)

 When the weather warms up, and the iris show me how they survived the winter and latest blast of cold, I will be able to get an accurate count and change those numbers. But once the photos and descriptions are done I will activate the iris section and start taking orders. Be sure to add a few substitutes for any that are sold out. Or I will send you a refund.

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