Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still moving slow

but I'm moving! It's a  start . I managed to shuffle down to the iris beds to see how they look. I hadn't been down there in 6 days and was worried about all the cold weather and how the iris were taking it. The first bed I looked at had a lot of iris heaved up and my heart sank.  But in walking around as much as I could, overall they look good. I do need to get some help and put dirt on the heaved up ones. As tempting as it is to just step on them and smush them down into the dirt, you aren't supposed to do that. (truth, I did a few- we'll see what happens) Weather is supposed to start climbing slowly and they will be happy happy then. So will I!

We seem to have quite a few doves this year. They are busy under the feeders cleaning up after the other birds. Mostly black birds and starlings right now. Early in the morning there are loads of yellow and red finches, a few cardinals and the bully blue j's.

This is our current stray kitty we are calling Scratch. He had scratches all over his face when we first saw him hanging out on the deck. I took the picture out the downstairs laundry window, he sits and looks in at my kitties and meows at them. Not aggressive or threating, just "hey, can I come in too?"  Poor guy.  I wish ppl would stop dumping out kitties. I can't let any in, ours are already naughty because he's out there. We feed him in the morning and if he's begging. Hubby is going to see if the local shelter would take him. They are good at finding homes, but so far he's not let us near him.

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