Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring is here!

FINALLY the weather is warmer and the frost is gone! The iris are growing,and of course so are the weeds.
I'm working on my website, stop by and see the progress daily as I go alphabetically from a-z and update the missing pictures and descriptions.   (click on link at top right -> )

You can also follow the link there to my etsy shops. This time of year most of the activity is in my diecut shop and the iris. In the fall I get to work sewing loads of  fun stuff for the Elizabeth craft show in October.

You can place iris orders now if you like, however rhizomes will not be shipped before mid to late July when they are ready. But if there are some you really like, don't wait as they might sell out and you would have to try again next year. :(   Nothing worse than not getting the one you want!  (There are several I've been trying to add to my gardens for years and I always miss out).

Think spring! Warm weather and sunshine will bring blooms galore.

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