Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Did I miss summer? ???

This weather is crazy cold, and too too wet. I sure hope it straightens out soon so the iris can dry out and get growing buds.
Since there isn't any new news in the iris beds right now, I'll share a few more pictures of my family. Well my fur family, they like their pics taken. First I want to start with my dearest garden buddy ever, my sweet Maddie Maye. She died in July '09 because the neighbors sprayed their yard for dandelions, and Maddie got it on her feet. She died a long and horrible suffering of strokes. I hoped she would make it, but I lost my sweetheart and It still breaks my heart. Please don't use those chemicals on your yards. What's a few dandelions, they don't last that long. I know what a pain they are in the flower beds, but I'd rather weed than bury my best friends. She was only 6 years old.
 The last picture of Maddie I took. If I'd only known, I would never have let her outside that day.
 She loved to climb. If she coudln't see me she would sing a funny meeeoowwwowowow song. :)
 Her favorite flowers, here she's wishing they would grow faster so we couldn't see her. Funny thing is, there is still a bare spot in the center where she used to sleep.
                                           She loved frogs, this one she patted!
                                          Her last gift to me, she was a great hunter.
                         And that's why she was in the neighbors yard, they had a lot of mice & voles.
                                                                I miss you sweetie. :*(

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