Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting there....

I'm almost thru the website updates. Still have some pictures to change, and some prices that need corrected (mostly lower) , but I'm getting there! A few orders have come in , thank you thank you! Do remember that the iris don't start to ship until Mid to Late July.

It's been cold rain and wind so not much working outside. I see the oats are very happy growing among the iris ....*sigh. Time to get out the hoe. I wish the rabbits would just eat them already!!

Here are a few more pics from my gardens to help us ignore the dreary rainy weather.

          My big orange poppies. I wish they would last longer.
    This is a volunteer that comes up in a new place(s) every year around my yard!
                                                 Florentine Silk putting on a show.
 My lupine maddness! I love it when the colors start mixing. last year I had one that was pink top to bottom on one side, and purple top to bottom on the other!

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