Saturday, May 14, 2011

Knitting scarves for the iris buds!

I feel like I should be taking out little blankets for all the buds peeking above the leaves. We had 90 last tuesday, 80's wed. and thurs., and now it's 50's and COLD!  Not funny Mother Nature.

A few more of the earlies are opening. I expect they won't be doing much more until the weather straightens out. Two nights this week are calling for frost! A few years ago it did this, and the buds kept growing, but when they opened the spot where the stem was when it frosted was weak and they hung over. In bloom! odd looking for sure. And very hard to get good pictures then. 

I did put out the shiny streamer sticks today to keep the blackbirds from trying to perch on the buds. I learned this a few years ago. Couldn't figure out who/what was breaking off so many buds right at the top of the stem. Until I saw a blackbird or robin (I forget which it was- fat bird anyway!) try to land on one and it broke.
Sooo, shiny streamers on wooden stakes it was and no more problem. You have to look closely to see them in this picture. Yea, windy.From the north. :(

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