Monday, May 9, 2011

Warm weather and Dandelions!

I've decided to look at all those dandelions as wild flowers. Wild flowers everywhere!  In the grass, in the flower beds, in between the blocks on our paths, in the cracks of the deck, EVERYWHERE!  But soon they will poof! and start a few million more for next year. How sweet  *sigh

Here is a picture of my first buds and soon to be first 2010 Iris blomer, Tingle. I expect it will open tomorrow or the next day. We are expecting 80's, and the iris are loving the warmer weather, finally.

Running a close second is Pink Frosting.

Ok, this is a first try, but I hope it works (crossing fingers). This is my kitty Charlie, he's my garden buddy now that Maddie is gone.They were brother/sister and best friends. They used to lay on the floor and perfectly mirror each other. I need to find that pic now.... wait for it.....
Check this out, so cute.

So anyway, that's Charlie on the right.
 He does this thing, only outside, when we walk he has to walk along between our feet!

So here he is on the way back from taking a picture of the Tingle buds. (it was windy so all you'll hear is that, and me laugh)

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  1. What a cutie! Love the bookend pictures of the two of them!