Thursday, June 9, 2011

And then it was all blown away!

Well, we did need some rain. But I think we got more wind. Nothing major or anywhere near as bad as others have had. But did pretty much finish the iris bloom. I'll clean them up this afternoon. I think they will look pretty bare.

 Happy and GoLucky had a bad night too, I found them like this, huddled together on the straw..
GoLucky felt so bad he couldn't show his face, his rake had injured Happy permanently.
I set them back up on their post, but they were pretty shaken I could tell by the stunned frozen looks on their faces.

In the rest of the yard there was evidence of the winds.
My pretty little flowering Pear tree snapped.

The pool umbrella lost it's parts into the pool.

Half of my big lilac lay across the path.

And a branch from one of the willows fell BETWEEN the gator wagon full of pumpkin seedlings and the greenhouse wall of windows. Thank you thank you!!

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  1. Oh boy, what a mess. Sorry to see this and hope the little guys recover soon.