Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grow grow grow!!

A few pretty Iris pictures since I'm too busy to get fresh ones! And I didn't think pics of me sitting at the computer would be very interesting!
Wild Angel

Abstract Art

Diva Do


Lupine volunteers!

Judy Mogil

Compare rose and purple

Strawberry Swirl

Whispering Spirits
The iris are growing and the weather is warming up again. yeaa! I finally got thru the cleanup of the spent stems, and too-happy weeds. Now I just go out each day and take my hoe for about 30 minutes and attack the aggressive ones. If you have purslane where you are, you know what a feeling of "never going to win" weed it is. 

I'm frantically trying to get all my iris counts updated. Please accept my apology if you order and I'm out of stock. Orders are coming in steady -THANK YOU :) - and sometimes it's hard to keep ahead. And there is always the occasional iris fan flop-over (dead)  loss :(  
 Plus my Etsy shop is busy and I don't want to delay those orders. So I work from about 8am to 9pm daily. I used to be able to work to 1am, but I gotta have my sleep to get any work done, now that I'm old!! 

Two weeks till I start to dig orders.YIKES! 
 In that time I HAVE to finish listing them on ebay, (my goal is by friday this week), and updating counts on my web site. AND I have this HUGE pile of craft "stuff" (a nicer word for crap) in the garage that I must get sorted. It's taking up half the garage! It's either going to the trash or goodwill, or maybe I'll save a pile to de-stash after Iris season. But it's in my way for packing iris! So it has to be dealt with now too. Oh my, I do need those 3 or 4 clones right about now. eeep!
Maybe more chocolate would help! :p

Hubby and I are talking about peeling off another big chunk of yard and spreading out the iris into long rows. Hopefully easier for tilling (and my back), and to be able to increase them quicker . They love to have room!

Plus, he won't mind a bit less to mow of our 3 acre yard! He only said "NO MORE trees or bushes, too many circles already!"  Good thing he has a zero turn mower! 

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