Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where are all the Butterflies????

Every summer we have Monarchs laying eggs on the milkweed and butterfly weed. I've planted tons of it so they have lots of food. I also had hubby help me build some hatchery boxes. Monarch eggs have a tough time. They have many predators from wasps to mice.  So taking the eggs to a protected place gives them an almost certain chance to make it to the butterfly stage. On their own it's only 1 or 2 in 10 eggs that make it!
These are pics from 2 years ago when I released over 200 Monarchs! :D

But this year, I only see one flitting around occasionally. And I've yet to find a single egg. No caterpillars, nothing. :(  What happened? Was it the hurricane while they were migrating back up north? I hope they show up soon so I can  raise some more. My granddaugher Zoe likes to help. She says they tickle when you hold them.
The butterfly weed is in full bloom. A few bees have found it (another thing that seems in short supply this year).
Do you have any Monarchs in your gardens?

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