Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wow, where did JULY go?!!

the daylily didn't mind the rain at all!
We're just now starting to see some Monarch's. I don't know if the 10" of rain helped or what, but there are now several flittering around the yard. I don't think I will have time to raise any this year. I'm just too much behind with iris orders. Hopefully the extreme heat, and excessive rain are over now. I'm so glad we spent all the time to build the raised beds for the iris. Or they would have been washed out and sitting in a pond. They are drying out well now, the past two days have been HOT and sunny. 

The sunflower was sad after so much rain.

Flooded around the big locust tree.

the zinnia were very wet too.

Sooo glad we raised them up!

see how far it washed the straw out in the grass. 

ick, mukky messy straw

Actually flipped this side of the bed up and off !so the water was running higher than the board

Not so deep now, but the iris would be in it if they weren't in raised beds. This is 24 hours + after the rain.

the little stream running around some of the beds. 

We liked it!
The lovely pic my son snapped of me in my home-made wash-station. See all the clean roots to the right? Almost done for that day. He said my stylin apron was very "hippie". Hey it keeps me dry! It's actually tablecloth material.

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