Monday, August 22, 2011

2011 Iris selling season is done...

But boy do I have a lot of work that needs to be done out there yet! Seems the weeds loved that 10" of rain we got last month. They are not slowing down, and I'm doing my best to keep them yanked out.  I now know, using the Preen DOES help!!  I had weeds with it, but nothing like this.

We've been debating putting in a new garden in our other lot. It has good drainage and I could just have them in the ground. No raised beds to build or dirt to haul in.No straw to cover them?   I'd plant in rows like a cornfield, and hopefully it would be easier to weed and dig from. First we need to find someone to remove the sod. I know just tilling it in will only lead to lots of grass pulling.  It's getting too late to do it this year, I might try just a small strip. I do have some iris that are getting way to big for their space, and could spare a few if it didn't work out well.

I'll post pics soon of my progress sewing for the Elizabeth craft show . YIKES it's coming up fast!

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