Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shipping calculation fixed on web site

The shipping bug has been addressed on my web site and should be working fine now.
You can check out with paypal or send a money order or check. I will soon be adding a credit card/debit card payment option that is NOT paypal. I'd like to completely move away from them asap.

I will be recounting today and updating numbers in the next week. This will be the final count so don't delay! The numbers won't go up, but may go down unexpectedly from sales from my other venues, or if mother nature decides to take one away from me. (She has her moments!)

Here are a few pics from yesterdays bloom-check. It is taking almost 3 hours a day to check them, so right now is peak bloom. If you would like to stop by and see them, send me an email to set up a time. (you have to promise not to look at the weeds in my other gardens tho  *blush)

Can't Touch This

Neutron Dance, Another 4-falls!! So strange this year! 

Sweet Orange Spice

Happy Blooms!

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