Saturday, June 9, 2012

19 Monarchs Today!

I was expecting about 10, what a surprise! Several of them are very anxious to be on their way. There are 11 boys and 8 girls. I took them out two at a time and put them on the bushes.
It makes me feel good to know if I hadn't brought these in, besides the natural predators, they wouldn't have made it to the butterfly stage. I gathered the eggs from the empty lot by our house, and it was just mowed off a week ago. All those chrysalis would have been mowed up! :(   So even though they still have predators, and are on their own, they got to be beautiful and free!

Couple of the girls I tried in  a different bush, it wasn't woody enough and they were having a hard time climbing up.  It did keep them from trying to fly off too soon.

If I could wish to be
something else for just a  day,
I think I'd like to fly,
and soar above the trees.
To here and there and where I may,
I think that day that I would be...
A Monarch Butterfly!
                                          Deb Noll

And the iris update.......
The iris are all done blooming but about 2 late ones. So strange, they should all be in full bloom right now. (Sort of like my slow finishing of the listings! Still a good number to do.)
 I put some fresh preen on the iris beds, now we need some more rain to set it in. I still have to get busy pulling the dandelions in the beds. Not a huge amount, but one is too many.  They are a forever presence though, so I don't get excited about trying to get them all out. Many are taken out completely when I dig orders.  Oh and then there are the "other" flower beds in my yard. I'm afraid some are going to have to go. I just don't have time to take care of them, and most are full of grass and weeds. I hate to do it, the birds and butterflies love the coneflowers and black eyed susan. .... Ohhh to be 30 again, when I seemed to be able to do all I thought I could! *sigh

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