Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dry Dry Dry....weeds and wind. uggg

This is turning out to be such a weird year.  Super early spring, now so dry the ground has huge cracks.  It's starting to get  a bit humid even w/o the rain.  I heard once the corn does that. Pulls so much moisture from deep down and evaporates it into the air. Since we are almost solid corn fields around here the past 5 years, I can believe it.

I've been hoping for a nice couple inches of steady rain so I can put on a mild 10-10-10 fertilizer.  It hasn't rained enough to get the preen active! So yea, I need to get out there with my hoe too. Bleh.    Why is it weeds can germinate and grow like crazy when it's so hot and dry, but what you WANT to grow doesn't?  I guess that's why they are weeds.  The poop-thistles are growing like.... weeds! (I call them poop-thistles because they are always grouped under where the birds sit. So I'm sure that's where they are coming from)

I do have a little garden weed helper. He/she tries his/her best to nibble off the dandelions. (I think it's a girl-she's petite and cute! I think I'll call her Dandie)  I love to watch that little nose wiggle. She must have been out there all spring because she doesn't run away from me until I get less than 4/5' away. Then she just moves around the plant out of site. I hope the raccoons don't find her. (That's another story, I'll title it 'Why our garden shed stinks of Mothballs and ammonia!')

If you're following my auctions on ebay you know I'm busy busy keeping those going. Just a few more weeks and then I'll be digging orders.  Get your's in now, remember if you shop on my website  , you can use code LIKE10 and get 10% off your order! (only on my web site)

We are up to 115 Monarchs released so far! Only 3 chrysalis left to emerge in this "batch". Then I hope to find another round of eggs. Usually in July, but this year it's hard to tell.  It's been so windy that the milkweed has lots of little leaks under the leaves. Where it cracks or a bug punctures it , and it seeps out the white gluey milk that then looks sort of like a monarch egg.  So.... finding eggs is tougher.
Up until Monday I had seen lots of my Monarchs hanging around the yard. But it was super windy Monday and I didn't see but one yesterday. I hope they didn't all blow away!

...back to work  

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