Friday, March 16, 2012

Everybody up!

Well, it seems Mother Nature decided we needed to get outside and get busy busy busy RIGHT NOW!
Our temps are pushing 80 every day, so last Tuesday I spent 6 hours clearing the straw off the iris beds.  They are looking good, even though the winter was so warm, and I doubt they really got a good sleep. (I know I didn't...but that's another story)

  I'm a little sad that it's warm so early. I was really looking forward to a couple weeks at least in my new sewing room.  I'm going to have to squeeze lots of sewing in, I got my notice today that I've been accepted in the Fall Show in Elizabeth/Hanover. It's always a BIG deal, and I want to have tons of fun new things ready. (whoo-boy, where is my super energy drink? Digging, shipping, sewing, weeding, cutting for etsy.... )

Tonight I went out to check on the iris, and saw that they are growing at a speed of about an inch a day! Oh my, I hope we don't get a hard cold spell about the first of April! You hear that M.N.? No fools day jokes- Ok?!!

I'm going to get the preen on them this weekend , and try to do some general counting to update the website numbers. Orders are already coming in! There will be more choices when the actual count is up.
Lucky me, this year I have help with the webpage! :D :D :D  Happy Dance !

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