Friday, August 31, 2012

Announcing.... Ganon Jacob

My new grandbaby. He's so sweet (of course !) What else would a grandma say!
He arrived in a hurry on Monday. But once he was here he didn't seem to excited about anything else. So far he's  pretty calm. His dad was a very fussy baby from day one , so I'm happy for his mom & dad he's not like that.

I had to wait days to see those eyes open!  He looks like mommy and daddy. I thought he'd have more hair, but they say boys have hair like their mother's father.  So far true in his daddy's case, my dad still has lots of hair at 91.  His mommy's dad? um... not so much! Time will tell.

Not much exciting with myself.
I've been trying to recover from the month of digging. I'm tired, can you belive it! LOL
I finished friday, had a wedding sat. and then family reunion sun.  Then the baby arrived on Monday, dr apmt on tues, and finally got my hair cut/colored  yesterday. Crazy busy for a farm girl that never leaves home!

I got the Td vaccine booster on tues and that made me feel a bit icky and more tired. Seems whooping cough has made a come back here, and they suggest anyone under 65 that will be around babies get it.  And I do plan on being around this baby as much as I can!

On the iris side, I went down last night to see how they are settling after all our disturbing/digging. They want rain. Hopefully we'll get some of that hurricane, but they say it's fizzling out. Of course *sigh.   I might have to turn on the sprinklers again. I've never had to water the iris. So strange this year.  We did get enough sprinkles to turn the yard green at least.  But it still looks awful. I have to go out and cut off the black peony stems/leaves.  So sad looking.

I'm donating a bunch of iris to the local Elks club to use as fundraisers in future years.  I said they only have to dig them. There is about 20 of them and one of me!  Not such a big job that way. I hope it works out for them, they need the money and use it for good causes in the community.

Oh, and "she's" back. uggg
 DEMANDING her shipping or "I'll tell ebay and paypal"   whatever. Are we in grade school?
 Thanks to all my great supporters  I realize she's the bad apple in the barrel.  Tossed her out! Not going to think about it anymore.

Hope everyone has a great day :)


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  1. He is adorable and I know you just wnat to sit and hold him and sqeeze him all you can.