Thursday, August 23, 2012

Iris Season is officially finished!

I'm done!! yeaaaa :D
All the orders have been shipped. Whew! What an exhausting summer.  Now we need some more rain to settle the leftovers back into the dirt. We've been disturbing them all month and they aren't happy about it.

Now I need to hurry up and make a few blankets/quilts for the any-day-now new grand baby.  I can't wait to hold him. I lovvvvvve babies :)

I cleaned up my huge mess in the garage where I sorted/trimmed/boxed orders. Put my truck back inside and shut the door. It feels good to clean it all up.
Now if the rest of the house were done I might take a go-to-town day . Maybe next week. I should do some cooking for a change. Oh shoot, I have to make something for the picnic reunion Sunday.  Maybe I'll take a birthday cake.

 I do need to figure out what to wear to a wedding reception sat night. With my horrible stained fingernails, farmer tan and those black toenails I'm not sure anything will look good!   It's supposed to be hot, and I have a sundress I'd like to wear. Oh well, I am what I am. I'm sure I look as tired as I feel anyway.

I'll try to get some pics up again next post. Still fussing with this new printer and the issues it caused.
Wireless? Forget it! Nothing but a pain. What's one more cord anyway heh.

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