Friday, August 17, 2012

Uh oh, the plane!!

Remember Fantasy Island?  The plane boss, the plane!!
Well, here it's not excitement but dread. A few years ago they started arial spraying of the corn and beans. I didn't really like that yellow plane flying barely over my house again and again and again. And I'm a bit of a bitch about chemicals spraying near my yard anyway. No, I'm a big bitch about it. I've stopped the sprayer more than once in the field behind our house. They were spraying on WINDY days and it was drifting into our yard.
Well, a few years ago when the plane started we didn't know any better. I felt anxious and it upset me, but Hubby thought it was cool. We were outside working in the yard, the kitties were out but 1.  Myself and the kitties all got bad colds.  I wondered....since the one kitty that wasn't out didn't get it, and never did catch it, if it was the plane.
Kitties can't go outside when I hear the plane now.

Well last year, I was out digging several days when the plane was spraying.  I didn't like it and went in when he was very close. But I've read the stuff stays in the air for days, and can drift for miles. Wonderful.

One Saturday I was trying to finish up my dig and I just felt "off".  I couldn't wait to get to the washing because I usually get plenty wet, and it's nice and cold.   When I finally finished (I was moving pretty slow) and came in to shower. I noticed I looked a bit funky too. Well, I'm blond and I get red/purple faced in the heat. Scares the crap out of hubby!  Doesn't feel good either!
I took my temp and sure enough 101. The next morning it was 102.8 and I sounded like I was breathing pudding.  I called my dr and he knew it was the plane/spray because they had a bunch of people the same as me. Mega antibiotics cleared it up. They are spraying bacteria to infect the bugs and kill them.

 But it's making people sick. And what is it doing to our lungs?

And yet, they don't stop.  ???  What's wrong with this country?   If it's making ME that sick, what's it doing to  animals and maybe bees and  such?  I grew up a farmer, I get it. But it has to have a limit. Some things you just have to work with. This "gotta get the biggest crop at any cost" is out of hand.

And since the corn crop is almost worthless this year I'm not sure why they are spraying in the first place. My sister said the beetles were eating the silks weeks ago. And aphids were on the beans. But by now that would be a lost cause.

At any rate, if you hear the plane, RUN!!!

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  1. Sunshine.......I sure miss you and have been thinking about you digging irises. Please stay inside if they continue to spray you got so sick last year.