Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Freeze + Iris blooms = not pretty :(

We had below freezing last night for 7 hours, and my blooms were not pretty this morning. Sad looking Tingle, yesterday was so cheerful.

Luckily there are only a few others with long bud stems. I can see when I look closely that they have some freeze damage.See the light and dark areas? The light areas have tiny bubbles under the outer layer. I'm guessing that's where the water/sap froze last night. Time will tell if it was bad enough to ruin that stem.

This one was tall and straight yesterday. I'm not sure if the wind or the cold caused the curve.

This was an interesting discovery. Several nibbled off buds. I never have nibbling problems with the iris. Only one time did a deer try to eat one. And in that case it pulled out the entire root and dropped it a few feet away. (yea, thanks a lot!) I'm guessing this might have been the black birds. They like to try to take off with strings I put around clumps too.

  Tonight is supposed to be the same. Low of 26. I don't know if covering my house plants on the deck is good enough. They are either going to be really tough, or really tough looking! I hope this is the end of the hard freezes, the plants must be so confused. I guess Mother Nature is not through her menopause yet!

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