Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Progress is slow

Today's weather was wonderful. Now if it will just stay!  Calling for more freezing weather this weekend. The frost damage is starting to show in the buds and blooms. Here is a good shot of freeze damage to a bud. The one on the far right, and the far left won't open. :(

This one has opened but you can see it's not a good bloom. 

There are some areas that the entire group of buds are brown. Mostly the dwarf/early ones. I may just clip them off to save the plant the trouble of trying to bloom.
I hope we don't get more freezing nights. The buds are stretching up quickly now, more every day.

Another thing that is getting bigger every day are the tadpoles! They grow pretty slowly really for something that I would think would have a lot of  things looking to munch on them.
They gather in the shallow waters and soak up the sun. I noticed today they were either playing or fighting over a good spot.

The flies were grouping up too, what ever that was about. They were very annoying today. They seem to enjoy munching on ME :(

I was taking some pics for a contest, here are a couple of my first shots. Gnarly aren't they?

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