Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sunshine and Iris pox! ?

Beautiful sunny day, finally! Not many new buds open but tons of them stretching up towards the sky. We had cold temps again last night, so the blooms that were open are all droopy and sad. Hopefully that's the end of it. *crossing fingers!  I saw a stem today with bumps, goosebumps?!! Has to be from the frosty nights. It's hanging on though.

Unfortunately since we have had lots of cold and damp weather, the Iris pox are back. >:(
I do not like them. They make me mad! I ran to the greenhouse and wielded my scissors like Edward scissor-hands! Off with your spotted leaves!

 I sprayed them with fungicide two weeks ago, and normally would spray again 2 to 3 times before they bloomed. It seems to be holding fairly well, but I'd really like to get them sprayed again to keep the new leaves clear. (If it would just get nice and warm and mostly dry, no problem!)
BUT! I found out a few years ago that if I spray the buds, the flowers are all messed up when they try to open, IF they open at all then. Many did not. :(
And that's no fun! So.... to-do or not-to-do....???? oh boy. Guess I'll keep trimming off the pox , and if I see any are getting worse I'll just have to sacrifice some flowers.  I'm trimming off the worst and tossing them in the burn pile. (DON'T put them in your compost pile.BURN them to kill the fungus!)

Ok, so it's APRIL right? Well, somebody better tell the JUNE bugs that are coming out! Crazy crazy year!

The tadpoles are very happy today. I got some better pics of them lounging in the shallow water.

I'm wishing these guys were ahead of schedule to catch the flies that are biting me!

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