Monday, April 16, 2012

Wind, cold and no ambition?

Why is it, when it's cold and icky outside, and I have the perfect excuse to play in my sewing room, that I'm feeling totally uninspired to do anything? I always think, "Ahh today is perfect, I can play!" But I just want to nap, or cuddle in a blanket and zone out.

I guess that's why my nickname was Sunshine. I was my best when the sun was shining!

Then again, this bronchitis might be the culprit. Two weeks and it's just starting to let up. I finally don't sound like my dad!
So today is one of those days, and I'm not getting much accomplished. So, I'll share what I did YESTERDAY! :p

Only one new bloomer yesterday, Tide Pool made an appearance in the drizzle.

This crazy spring has brought us a new experience.Remember a few weeks ago the loud toads in the pool? Well, now we have thousands of tadpoles on our pool cover! I noticed them yesterday. The more I looked, the more I saw! Oh my. (It was hard to get a picture with the glare, but here is a tiny sample)

Now , I like having toads to eat the slugs and stuff. But this would be THOUSANDS of toads!  Problem is, they won't be getting their legs any time soon, and we will be taking off the pool cover in a few weeks. Sooo..... what to do, what to do.  I'm thinking I might scoop as many as I can into a bucket, and take the bucket to the creek. I wonder if that would be too much of a shock, the colder water. Hmmm, then I suppose the raccoons will thin them out some. They seem to at least have to get hold of everything and destroy it, if not eat it. And I read on the net that the blackbirds/grackles like to eat the tadpoles, and we sure have plenty of those.
Any ideas? I thought maybe the kids at school would like to watch the tadpoles. But I'm not sure they would be "done" by the time school got out near the end of May.

Our lilacs are blooming still, and the scent is especially wonderful and strong. I love to be standing in the yard and suddenly have my head filled with Lilac aroma. Ahhhhhhh  :)
Don't you just want to jump in the middle and breathe in as deep as you can!

Oh, remember the pretty Magnolia a couple weeks ago? Well, it's not very pretty now. The blossoms had dropped and the leaves were growing. Now they are all brown. Frozen.  It looks horrible. My dark magnolia was still blooming, and it looks really bad. I didn't take pictures. Not pretty!

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