Friday, April 27, 2012

More blooms, frost and a SECRET CODE!

I sent out emails today offering 10% off iris orders on my website , or in my etsy store 
Check the pictures in my blog and see if you can find the little Iris Pox Bug, he keeps the codes!

We had frost again last night, so there is evidence of some trouble in the buds. I took a couple pics of the worst I saw. You can see the discoloration where the moisture must have frozen.  All I can do now is wait and see what happens. 

I also discovered a bunny nest in progress. I do like it when they make a nest in the straw. Little bunnies are so darn cute! But this one had to go. Luckily it didn't have babies yet, not even fur lining. So it was ok to take it out and put the dirt back in. The one iris bud is drooping from the disturbance in it's roots.  I feel bad, momma bunny must have thought the flowers would be a nice place for her babies. Hopefully she'll make a new nest in the straw nearby.

Out across the gardens there aren't many blooms yet. I think if the temps would stay in the 70s they would just explode within a couple days.  The first pic is the group of Double Your Fun. This one is ALWAYS packed with blooms, and for quite a long time. And then, it blooms again in the fall! (unless it freezes hard  real early here).

(like the "wild flowers"? oh well, they will be gone soon)

Here are a few pretties from today....

Oops, blurry. But MORE 4-falls iris! I've never seen so many in all my years, much less all in one year!!

Hot Wheels

One I've lost the name of and HAVE to figure out ASAP!

Oklahoma Bandit. Gorgeous group.


And little Puddy Tat   so cute!

Hope you enjoyed the tour today. I didn't even check on the tadpoles. It was cold and windy out there and I just wanted to get back inside!

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